25 Apr 2024

Because we pick up containers, our relationship with American customers and American agents is getting better and better.

   Mr. Yang, our U.S. shipping Samel’s cabinet was taken away by another car dealer in the U.S. I was instantly confused when I heard the news. In 25 years of doing U.S. shipping, this is the first time I have heard of this happening during U.S. shipping. This kind of thing. When we were working on domestic container trucks, things like picking up the wrong container also happened, and we know how to solve it.


   Samel, a VIP customer of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, has been working with us for 15 years. The volume of U.S. shipping containers every month reaches about 30. We have a dedicated node feedback form for each of his U.S. shipping containers. Ensure that every link of US sea shipping to the door is in our own hands. After hearing the news from Rita of Sunny Worldwide's logistics business, Alisa, the overseas department manager, immediately communicated with Frank, the American shipping agent. He said that because the container numbers were so similar, other fleet drivers might have put our container in without checking carefully. The container number ZCSU3865491 was taken away, and the container number left in the yard was ZCSU3865481. The first four English letters were the same ZCSU, but only one of the last seven numbers was different. Samel, the VIP customer of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, is mainly engaged in e-commerce. He urgently needs this batch of goods, otherwise the platform may be out of stock and fined, and this happens to happen. Container truck transportation in the United States is different from container truck transportation in China. If you find that you have picked up the wrong container, it can usually be replaced in 1-2 days, because each driver only corresponds to one frame. In American container trucks, each driver can correspond to multiple frames, so that the driver does not have to wait in the factory for loading and unloading every time, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Sea freight forwarder china to usa,Sunny Worldwide logistics

  The matter was so important that we immediately explained the situation to our American shipping customer Samel and told him that the American shipping container had been picked up by another truck dealer in the United States and that we were handling it. We also informed the customer that if we find that the container is opened or unloaded, we will take photos and videos as soon as possible. We also ask the customer Samel to take photos or videos as soon as possible after receiving the goods to ensure that the goods are not lost. After Frank, the American shipping agent, found out at the terminal which car dealer in the United States had picked up the container, he contacted that car dealer directly. The car dealer immediately contacted his driver. When his driver answered the phone, he informed him that the container had been delivered. The customer's warehouse was at the customer's warehouse. He was on his way to pick up the cabinet at another location. The owner of the dealership hurriedly asked the driver to return to the customer's warehouse where the delivery was made to pick up the cabinet and asked him to return the container to the dock. Since the customer's warehouse address was the same as that of our company in the United States. The address of shipping customer Samel is in the opposite direction. Otherwise, in order to save time, we will definitely entrust him to deliver the container directly to Samel's warehouse. On one side are American customers, on the other side are American shipping agents, on the other side are the fleets of American shipping agents, on the other side are the fleets that picked up the wrong cabinets, and on the other side are our Sunny Worldwide Logistics. We contact 4 companies every day to keep track of the status of the containers and ensure that the goods can be delivered to customers as soon as possible. Fortunately, the American customer only cut the seal of the container and did not have time to unload the goods. So the driver immediately returned the container to the dock after taking photos and videos. Our American shipping agent fleet docked in time and delivered the goods to the American shipping customer Samel as soon as possible. Samel took pictures of the unloading, counted the number of boxes, and ensured the goods. Complete, the driver returned the container to the dock. Our hanging hearts can finally let go. Americans are not so efficient in doing things. If Sunny Worldwide Logistics hadn't kept up with us, it might have taken 3-4 days to deliver the goods.

Sea freight forwarder china to usa,Sunny Worldwide logistics

   As long as people do things, they may make mistakes. After making a mistake, we at Sunny Worldwide Logistics do not blame it immediately and discuss who will bear the cost. Instead, we follow up and solve the problem as soon as it occurs. This was an unexpected mistake. , which kept our five companies busy for a week. During the communication with each other, we became more familiar with each other's way of doing things. Among our freight forwarding colleagues, 80% first explain the cost clearly, and then follow the process. The core concept of Sunny Worldwide Logistics in serving our customers is to be the owner of the goods rather than the owner of the goods.


   If you also have a cabinet shipped from the United States, you are welcome to place a trial order. 

Sea freight forwarder china to usa,Sunny Worldwide logistics