24 Apr 2024

From inquiry to VIP customer, the process is demanding, but it cannot with stand the high cost performance of Sunny Worldwide Logistics

Its incredible. I actually got this freight forwarder china to usa, and there are 3 tons of cargo. Listening to the happy voice of Sunny Worldwide Logistics Business RITA, everyones eyes consciously focused on her. It turned out that it took her less than 2 hours to complete the transaction of clothing goods shipped freight forwarder china to usa.

   It turned out that when I went to work at 2 pm that day, RITA, a senior businessman of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, received an inquiry from American customer MICHAEL. He was asking about the air freight for 3 tons of clothing from China to the United States. The goods were already ready. Business RITA first checked the company background of the American customer MICHAEL on GOOGLE and learned that their company is a relatively large trader in the United States. Their company makes high-end products. Then she based on the actual situation of air freight from China to the United States. According to the situation, she reported two options to the customer: direct flight and transfer flight. Each option reported 2 airlines. She also attached the air waybill from China to the United States that we had gone through before, and gave the customer a real-time settlement. Click on the feedback form for reference. The precautions are marked very clearly, and the quotation format also adopts the quotation format of VIP customers.

freight forwarder china to usa,Sunny Worldwide logistics

Therefore, the American customer did not counter-offer after receiving the quotation, and the booking form was sent to her at 3:45 pm that day. Of course, RITA was also very excited. She didnt expect American customers to place orders so quickly. Then we booked the space according to the instructions of the customer's booking form, arranged the factory pick-up and customs declaration, and promptly fed back every status of the goods to the American customer. When the American customer MICHAEL successfully received the goods, he made a request for the ticket from China. I was very satisfied with the air freight service to the United States. From that time on, American customer MICHAEL began to place orders with us one after another, and eventually became a VIP customer of Sunny Worldwide Logistics. In the process of cooperation with his supplier, Sunny Worldwide Logistics, Suppliers also feel the professionalism and strong service awareness of Sunny Worldwide Logistics and become our customers. Good service is like a snowball that will get bigger and bigger.

freight forwarder china to usa,Sunny Worldwide logistics

  One person's ability to serve customers is limited, so our Sunny Worldwide Logistics has always been a team operation. While each member of the team is doing his or her own essential work, each person must do a little more of their essential work. Only in this way can the service be perfect. . More than 60% of Sunny Worldwide Logistics are colleagues who have worked for more than 8 years. In case of emergency, solutions are provided within 24 hours. A colleague once joked: "Your international long-distance calls at Sunny Worldwide Logistics seem to be free. I see that you often make overseas calls to solve problems. I have never seen our company's operations make international long-distance calls." We basically exchange phone calls and emails.In fact, we at Sunny Worldwide Logistics are also worried about the international long-distance phone charges, but resolving the customer's issues in a timely manner is more important than the international long-distance phone charges.


   If you also have freight forwarder china to usa, welcome to try our Sunny Worldwide Logistics for a small trial order.