25 Apr 2024

Logistics profits are halved and logistics services are increased by 50%

As soon as I arrived at the office that day, I heard Tony, the sales champion of Sunny Worldwidea Logistics Company, loudly saying that he had been dreaming of a big order air freight from China to UK since he started working as a freight forwarder. Now we have finally made a big order for air freight from China to UK. A customer once asked him to arrange a large clothing order for 100 square meters of air freight from China to UK, and I made a profit of RMB 30,000. If he had made a profit of RMB 60,000 five years ago.


Sales champion Tony has been working at Sunny Worldwidea Logistics Company for almost 10 years. From the young man who lost his temper and had an impatient personality at the beginning, he has become a father with a calm personality and thoughtful service. Yesterday, while having dinner with several key members of Sunny Worldwidea Logistics, DAISY, an operator who has been working in the company for 6 years, joked that when she first came to the company, she saw TONY smashing his keyboard and phone. HELLEN, another operations supervisor who has been in the company for 5 years, said. TONY has grown very fast in the past few years. From falling in love to getting married to having children, every stage has undergone earth-shaking changes in terms of structure and performance. Sunny Worldwidea Logistics is a good place to cultivate talents. The leaders here are willing to cultivate and accompany everyone to grow. It is this patience that makes so many people willing to work in the company until retirement.

Air freight forwarder china to UK,

Tony, the sales champion of Sunny Worldwidea Logistics Company, is nicknamed the "British princes" in the company. The main reason is that he transports about 800 tons of air cargo from China to UK every year. Most of his customers are from customers. As a result, he shipped more and more air cargo from China to UK. Everyone in the company affectionately calls him the "British princes". Most of the air freight orders he usually receives from China to UK are about 3 square meters. It is lucky to encounter 20 square meters of goods. Not to mention 68 square meters of goods, other colleagues from Sunny Worldwidea Logistics Company also received 68 square meters of goods. That was when the customer made a letter of credit. In order to meet the deadline, a container shipped to UK by sea was changed to air freight. So when this "British princes" received this order of 100 square meters of air transportation from China to UK, the whole company was happy for him.

Air freight forwarder china to UK,

Tony, the sales champion of Sunny Worldwidea Logistics Company, was able to place this large air freight order from China to UK not only due to luck, but also due to his professionalism and experience, as well as his carefulness, ability to control the entire pallet, and He has the ability to make plans for customers. For this air shipment from China to UK, he checked the flight path of the plane online in the middle of the night to ensure the safety and timeliness of the cargo. At the same time, he also made a preparation plan if there was any problem with the plane.


In the fierce competition in the market, the partners of Sunny Worldwidea Logistics have won the trust of customers with their professionalism, dedication and experience. If you also have goods shipped by air from China to UK, welcome to experience our "British princes Serve.