25 Apr 2024

Sunny Worldwide Logistics brings customers additional benefits beyond logistics

 Mr. Yang, Bruce, a Philippine shipping customer we are currently working with, asked me to introduce him to a factory that makes plastic bags. Do you have a suitable supplier to recommend? It happened that Sunny Worldwide Logistics was also a member of the Shenzhen Internet Chamber of Commerce, so I introduced Mr. Zhang from the star plastic bag factory that often exports to the Philippines to Brenda, and we brought all customers and suppliers into the WeChat discussion group to communicate in this way. It's more convenient to get up. Since Mr. Zhang has been in the plastic bag business for more than 20 years and is very professional, it only took them 2 days from communication to sending the sample order, and only 7 days to place the order. Whether it is Bruce, a customer of Philippine Shipping, or Mr. Zhang of the domestic factory, they are very satisfied. Thank you to our Sunny Worldwide Logistics

.Sea freight from china to Philippines,logistics services,

   Sunny Worldwide Logistics Business Brenda started cooperating with this Philippine shipping customer Bruce three years ago. At that time, the Filipino customer Bruce asked about shipping 8 square meters of ceramics from China to the Philippines. His goods were in Chaozhou, and his trade terms were factory The delivery price is EX WORKS. He doesn't know how to transport these 8 square meters of ceramics from the Chaozhou factory in China to the warehouse in the Philippines. After receiving this inquiry, Brenda from Sunny Worldwide Logistics Business learned from Bruce the specific information of the goods (number of boxes, volume, gross weight, delivery time, presence of brand, etc.), factory address and Philippine shipping warehouse address, Chaozhou factory and whether customs clearance is available in the Philippines. During the chat, I learned that it was his first time to import goods by sea from China to the Philippines, and he was very cautious. For this shipping logistics ticket from China to the Philippines, he hopes to find a professional, reliable, and very good service attitude to cooperate with a logistics company.

Sea freight from china to Philippines,logistics services,

In order to eliminate the customer's concerns, Brenda first sent him the certificates of more than 10 freight forwarding associations that we have joined, and explained to him one by one that our Sunny Worldwide Logistics is not a small company. The company has a history of 25 years and has a large number of companies in Shenzhen. 1800 square meters of Grade A office building, you can watch online at any time. We are a member of the World Freight Forwarding Alliance WCA and the China Freight Forwarding Association CIFA. There are no more than 80 companies in China who are members of these two freight forwarding associations at the same time. At the same time, Brenda also sent him a copy of the bill of lading that we had previously cooperated with on shipping to the Philippines, and a video of the customer's praise of our Sunny Worldwide Logistics Company. The Filipino customer Bruce was very assured of us after seeing our qualifications. You must know that most freight forwarders in China are very small and do not join any freight forwarding organizations. They quote very low prices to customers and run away when problems arise. Customers cannot contact them at all. They change companies and start working as freight forwarders again. Because this is the first time for a Philippine shipping customer to import, Brenda directly quoted the all-inclusive price to the customer based on the concept of paying back the goods to the customer. The all-inclusive price includes the factory pickup fee, Shenzhen customs declaration fee, sea freight, and local customs clearance fee in the Philippines. Customs duties and local delivery fees in the Philippines. And tell the customer that if the customs does not inspect, this is the entire cost. If a customs inspection occurs, the inspection fee will be reimbursed. Brenda told the Philippine shipping customer Bruce the shipping date, and told him what date our Sunny Worldwide Logistics will pick up the goods, what date it is expected to arrive in the Philippines, and what date his warehouse can receive the goods. He was very happy when he saw our quotation and felt that he had found the right person, so he quickly gave the consignment note to Sunny Worldwide Logistics.Sea freight from china to Philippines,logistics services,

Through these three years of cooperation, Bruce, a shipping customer from the Philippines, has already regarded us as his partner in China. His business has doubled in these three years, and he has opened three supermarkets in the Philippines. Now if he can’t find We will introduce suitable suppliers to them. Because we know that only by serving customers in an all-round way can we grow our business together.

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