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Shipping Services

We ensure your goods get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible with our wide range of air shipping options.

Speed and reliability We offer a wide range of air freight services

options to ensure 

China Air Freight manufacturer
China Ocean Freight manufacturer

Find the right route for your goods with guaranteed container allocation by ocean freight.

For shipping larger volumes of goods, Full-Container Load (FCL) is the best option.

On the other hand, Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping is ideal for smaller loads of goods.

Extensive experience in handling goods reliably and safely.
Skilled and professional team specialized in warehousing.

Capable to offer fast processing of a large number of goods.
Offers 10 days free warehousing if goods ship with us, but if not, charges will be added.

China Warehouse Services manufacturer
China Railway Transportation manufacturer

Railway transportation is a reliable and cost-effective solution for transporting bulk materials over long distances.

It offers a strong carrying capacity and economies of scale, keeping unit transportation costs low.

Additionally, it's a consistent and secure option, ensuring timely delivery of goods regardless of external factors.


SWWLS Air-shipping has a number of branches around the world, providinglocal customized services to customers in different has woven a three-dimensional transport network covering key cities in the mainland, major airports in Hong Kong,Macao and overseas, and bringing together air, sea and land transport.

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  • SWWLS Air-shipping offers a comprehensive range of international logistics services, including air freight, ocean freight, land transportation, and multimodal transportation. We cater to various shipping needs and ensure efficient and reliable delivery worldwide.

  • Our warehousing services encompass storage, inventory management, order fulfillment, and value-added services. We have state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced technology to ensure the security and efficiency of your goods.

  • With over 26 years of experience, our company has become a seasoned player in the international logistics industry, providing expert solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

  • This entirely depends on what you’re shipping, what your schedule is, and what your budget will allow. Air freight is the fastest method, but it can be costly. If you have more time, ocean freight will be your best option


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What services do you offer at the destination country? Can you assist with customs clearance and delivery?

     Yes, we provide a range of services at the destination country, including customs clearance and door-to-door delivery. Our local partners ensure that your goods are handled efficiently and delivered to the final destination promptly.

    What preparations are needed before exporting? Can you provide packaging and boxing services?

    We recommend preparing the necessary documents and ensuring that your goods are properly packaged. Yes, SWWLS AIR-SHIPPING do offer packaging and boxing services to ensure the safe transportation of your items.

    How are the logistics costs calculated? Are there any hidden fees?

    Our pricing structure is transparent and based on factors such as weight, volume, destination, and mode of transport. We do not charge any hidden fees, and all costs will be clearly outlined in our quotes.

    How can I track the status of my shipment?

    You can easily track your shipment through our online tracking system, which provides real-time updates on the location and status of your goods.

    If I need help, what do I do?

    If you ever need assistance, rest assured that SWWLS AIR-SHIPPING has you covered with our exceptional 24/7 customer support. You can reach us around the clock through the chat button on the website, email, and phone on weekends, holidays, and during off-hours.

    Whether you're searching for a quote, booking a shipment, or facing any other challenge along the way, our friendly support team is ready to answer your questions until the cargo reaches its destination, regardless of the size of your business and shipment.

    At SWWLS AIR-SHIPPING, service excellence is our commitment. We prioritize clear and timely communication, providing updates and support every step of the way. We're in this together!

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