Top 10 Logistics Companies Service Shipping from China to Australia

Top 10 Logistics Companies Service Shipping from China to Australia

Port:Shenzhen Guangzhou Hong Kong Shanghai Ningbo
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability:1014010 cubic centimeters per Day Sea Shipping to Germany
Destination:usa europe australia southeast asia
Place of Origin:China
Sea freight:40hc Container
Original port:Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Tianjin Qingdao
Model Number:20GP 40GP 40HQ
Trading Term:FOB EXW DDP DDU
Transit Time (Days):20days
Name:China Logistics Company
Brand Name:sunny wordwides logistics
Competitive:Great Cost
Consolidation:Combine Multiple Parcels
Departure:shenzhen guangzhou ningbo qingdao xiamen tianjin
Departure Day:everyday
Product Keywords:Courier Forwarder
Shipment Type:All Types
Carrier:suuny wordwides logistics
Route:north emerican
Packaging Detail:pallets packaging

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Shipping from China to Australia


Experience the Swiftest and Most Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions: Express, Air & Sea Freight from China to Australia

SWWLS air-shipment has been focused on shipping from China to Australia since 2005. Our primary shipping services include Express freight, air freight and sea freight door-to-door from China to various Australian destinations, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and more.

SWWLS Freight is a prominent freight forwarder from China to Australia, providing the most competitive prices in the shipping market and ensuring the best shipping times. Shipping from China to Australia takes approximately 3-5 work days for Air Express service, 8-10 working days for China Airlines, and 30-45 days for sea freight door-to-door service.

We maintain strong partnerships with Australian agents. Our professional teams in Australia ensure that your goods are correctly handled and clear customs smoothly in the least amount of time. You don’t have to engage an import broker independently; our Australian customs clearance teams can complete all procedures.

Contact us for your shipment from China to Australia, and let us streamline your import business from China, making it easier for you!


One-stop Shipping Options from China to Australia

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Air Freight from China to Australia


SWWLS air-shipment offer reliable and flexible air freight options, whether airport-to-airport, door-to-door, or any combination. Our carriers are carefully selected to ensure the safe delivery of your goods from China to Canada.

Sea Freight from China to Australia


Affordable Port-to-Port and Door-to-Door sea freight services from China to Canadian destinations such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and more. Enjoy fast delivery within 25-35 days and receive tailored solutions.

Door to Door shipping China to Australia


Door to Door Air freight and Sea freight to Canada, efficient and safe deliveries from China to Canada with import customs clearance and duties service at a competitive price, free pick up from your China manufacturers.


Best Freight forwarder from China to Australia

Safe with Zero Risk

The safe and on-time delivery of your cargo is assured with zero risk. We take great care of your packages straight from pick up, packaging, shipping to door delivery.

Pick Up and Consolidation

Save on multiple shipping costs by having your multiple goods picked up from any part of China and combined as one shipment to Canada.

Professional Customer Service Team

With an average of 8 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, our professional customer service team is available 24/7 to provide you with excellent support.

Competitive Price Guarantee

With our affiliation with 100+ international first-class shipping and carriers, SWWLS offers the best routes from China to Canada at a competitive price and speed.

Strong Overseas Custom Clearance

With SWWLS, you are guaranteed smooth transportation and customs clearance of your difficult items from China to Canada.

One-Stop Peace of Mind Service

Covers all your shipping needs like supplier pickups, packaging, customs declaration, trucking, etc., to ease your stress without compromising on delivery time.

FCL Sea Freight Shipping from China to Australia

FCL means that all the goods in a container belong to you, if the volume of goods is over 20CBM; it is better to use FCL. It will cut the shipping cost compared to LCL. Besides the good ocean freight, Sunny Worldwide Logistics also can provide the best loading container solution.

  • Competitive ocean freight from China to Australia and anywhere you want.
  • Guidance in using a 20 foot or 40 foot, based on the size and gross weight of your package.
  • Guidance on how to load the goods in the container effectively to save space and money.
  • Container loading supervision service.
  • Guidance on how to reinforce the goods in the container.
  • Provide door to door, door to port, port to port, and port to door service.
  • We charge a reasonable local fee to shippers under the FOB term, in order to avoid complaints from them.
  • Free warehouse service if you have several suppliers in China.

domestic air freight australia

LCL Sea Freight Shipping from China to Australia

If there is not enough goods to fill a whole 20 foot, we suggest shipping less than a container´s capacity. Just pay attention to the following. Make sure your packaging keeps the shipping goods safe because you will be sharing container space with other shippers, and confirm the destination charge for LCL shipping before shipping the goods.

  • Provide competitive ocean freight rates from China to Australia.
  • The destination charge is lower than the market price.
  • We charge a reasonable local fee to shippers under the FOB term, in order to avoid complaints from them.
  • Free warehouse service.
  • Receive loading pictures anytime you need.
  • Choose direct service from port to port to keep the goods safe.

domestic air freight australia

BULK - Cargo Ship Sea Freight Shipping from China to Australia

For some large size and overweight shipments, it is recommended to ship by bulk-cargo ship. We have plenty of experience in this type of service and we guarantee to bring the goods safely from China to Australia.

  • The best solution based on the shipping goods information.
  • Competitive freight by bulk-cargo ship.
  • Vast experience operating ground service at the bulk-cargo loading port.
  • Loading supervision service.

domestic air freight australia

About Us

Sunny Worldwide Logistics (Shenzhen) Limited was established in 1998, it is a full-service domestic and international freight forwarder based in China. Our company prioritizes providing reliable customer service and transportation solutions. We have Class A facilities spanning 1,800 square meters and a trucking company located in Yantian Port. Our services cover both ocean freight and air freight, and we have established partnerships with all the major carriers in the industry.

Why Choose Sunny?

  • Competitive ocean freight and stable space.
  • The destination charge is lower than the market price for LCL.
  • We charge a reasonable local fee to shippers under the FOB term, in order to avoid complaints from them.
  • Free warehouse service.
  • Receive loading pictures anytime you need.
  • Container loading supervision service in any city in China.
  • Vast experience in out of gauge (OOG) goods shipping.
  • Door to door service.

domestic air freight australia

Our Main Services

Sea Freight Service

1 - Services covered all over China to Worldwide

2 - FCL & LCL services

3 - NVOCC ( Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier ) member

4 - Good cooperation with many carriers


Air Freight Service

1 - Services covered all over China to Worldwide

2 - Promptly feedback any proceedings

3 - WCA members - offering DDU services

4 - Good cooperation with many carriers


FBA Service

1. Pick up the goods from supplier

2. Warehousing Service

—provide consolidation service, pallet packaging, labeling, re-packing and so on

3. Customs clearance Service

—provide customs clearance service and send to warehouse


Railway Freight Service

1 - Services covered all over China to EU

2 - FCL & LCL services

3 - YUXINOU railway A class agent

4 - Directly transport to Duisburg only 16 day GPS 24 hours tracking cargo


Express Freight Service

1 - Services covered all over China to Worldwide

2 - Promptly feedback any proceedings

3 - WCA members - offering DDU services

4 - Good cooperation with many carriers

5 - International Express with competitive contracted rate ( from FEDEX/  UPS/ TNT/ DHL/ EMS etc.)


Shipping Time





Other Country


Air freight

Airline: EK AA PO CA HU NH EY OZ BY.ect, airport to airport or airport plus delivery




Sea freight




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Railway freight




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Warm Tips: the shipping time above is just for your information.

domestic air freight australia

Customer Feedback

Peru Client

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with our shipments-communicating with suppliers,updating the spreadsheet on time, gathering all the required information carefully. 

Mexico Client

We received your package with the masks and sweet cards. Thank you so much. We will share with our staff and family to help us take care. 

Maldives Client

We received our cargo just fine. I thank you so much for your help and great service.


Q: What services does your company provide in international logistics?

A: Our company offers a comprehensive range of international logistics services, including air freight, ocean freight, land-transportation, warehouse services and multimodal transportation. We cater to various shipping needs and ensure efficient and reliable delivery worldwide.


Q: What are the details of your warehousing services?

A: Our warehousing services encompass storage, inventory management, order fulfillment, and value added services. We have state of the art facilities equipped with advanced technology to ensure the security and efficiency of your goods.


Q: How are the logistics costs calculated? Are there any hidden fees?

A: Our pricing structure is transparent and based on factors such as weight, volume, destination, and mode of transport. We do not charge any hidden fees, and all costs will be clearly outlined in our quotes.


Q: How long does it typically take for transportation?

A: The transit time varies depending on the mode of transport and destination. We provide estimated times of arrival based on the specific route and service selected.


Q: How can I track the status of my shipment?

A: You can easily track your shipment through our online tracking system, which provides real time updates on the location and status of your goods.


Q: What items are prohibited or restricted for transportation?

A: We adhere to international regulations and guidelines regarding prohibited and restricted items. Please consult with us for specific information related to your shipment.


Any other questions pls feel free to contact us at any time! We will reply as soon as possible!

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