Because we pick up containers, our relationship with American customers and American agents is getting better and better.

As long as people do things, they may make mistakes. After making a mistake, we at Sunny Worldwide Logistics do not blame it immediately and discuss who will bear the cost. Instead, we follow up and solve the problem as soon as it occurs. This was an unexpected mistake. , which kept our five companies busy for a week.

International Shipping: Bridge and Bond Connecting the World

In the magnificent ocean, a huge ship carrying a variety of goods, shuttling between the ports of various countries, this is the true portrayal of international shipping. As a bridge and link connecting the world, international shipping plays a pivotal role in the global economy. In recent years, with the deepening of globalization, the international shipping industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Today, let's walk into this charming world and explore the mystery and charm of international shipping.

Iran, Israel escalate tensions, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines: stop accepting European cargo from 17th

Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines have announced the suspension of cargo shipments to Europe amid rising tensions between Iran and Israel. The decision has attracted widespread attention and has had a significant impact on trade flows between Europe and the Middle East. This incident once again highlights the impact of geopolitical tensions on global trade and transportation, and reminds us to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges to jointly address global challenges.

HPL Announces New Changes to European East Coast Express ECX Service Starting Mid-April

HPL, the world-renowned shipping giant, has recently announced that it will make major adjustments to its much-anticipated European East Coast Express (ECX) service in mid-April this year. The reform aims to enhance service quality and optimize route layout to meet changing market demands and further enhance its competitiveness in the global shipping market.


Railway transportation is a reliable and cost effective solution for transporting bulk materials over long distances. It offers a strong carrying capacity and economies of scale, keeping unit transportation costs low. Additionally, it's a consistent and secure option, ensuring timely delivery of goods regardless of external factors.
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